Mind over Resolution: Decoding the Failure Rate of New Year's Resolutions

Dec 29, 2023

As the calendar gets set to flip to a new year, a familiar ritual unfolds: the making of New Year's resolutions. Year after year, people worldwide set ambitious goals for self-improvement, be it in health, relationships, budget management or personal development. Yet, despite the initial enthusiasm, statistics repeatedly show an incredibly high failure rate for these resolutions. What lies beneath this pattern of aspiration and abandonment, and how does the subconscious mind contribute to this struggle?


A study conducted by the University of Scranton, published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, found that a mere 8% of individuals successfully achieve their New Year's resolutions. While various factors contribute to this phenomenon, the influence of the subconscious mind emerges as a compelling aspect.


The subconscious mind, often described as the hidden powerhouse of our thoughts and behaviors, plays a crucial role in shaping our actions. Although we may consciously desire change and set noble resolutions, our subconscious mind, deeply ingrained with established habits and patterns, often exerts a more profound influence on our daily choices.


One of the challenges lies in the subconscious mind's tendency to resist change, favoring the comfort and familiarity of existing behaviors. Psychologically, humans are creatures of habit, and the subconscious mind tends to create and reinforce neural pathways associated with routine actions. This can create a formidable barrier to the adoption of new, positive habits that contradict established behavioural loops.


Understanding this dynamic is crucial for those striving to break free from the cycle of failed resolutions. Once you understand how the subconscious mind is running the show, you become empowered to make it work for you instead of staying stuck in unwanted repetitive behaviour loops.


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