Self-Sabotage 101: How to Spot the Sneaky Saboteur Within You

bad habits self sabotage Jan 08, 2024

Do you even know really what self sabotage is and what it looks like?

So many people engage in self sabotaging behaviour but don’t actually realize what they are doing. I use to sabotage myself all the freakin’ time, without having a clue that this is what I was doing.

Self sabotage is kind of like that unexpected guest at a party who shows up uninvited and starts causing a ruckus. If you’re wondering if you might be engaging in self sabotage, let's break it down, and figure out if this sneaky sidekick is crashing your life too.

So, what's the scoop on self sabotage?

Imagine having a shadow version of yourself – the one who's all about raining on your parade. Self sabotage is like that, throwing shade on your goals, happiness, and success. It's time to expose this drama queen for who she really is!

How to spot self sabotage shenanigans:

Negativity Central:
Ever caught yourself in a Netflix series of negative thoughts? If your inner monologue sounds like a drama script full of doubts and self-criticisms, guess what? Self sabotage is co-writing your story.

Fear Factor:
Self sabotage loves to play the fear card, whether it's being scared of success or failure. If you find yourself dodging opportunities like a ninja, that's your sneaky sidekick in action.

Procrastination Party:
Procrastination is the VIP guest at the self sabotage soirée. Delaying tasks or sidestepping challenges? Your behind-the-scenes planner is pulling the strings, saying, "Let's avoid adulting today."

Perfectionism Parade:
We all love a good parade, but self sabotage takes it to the extreme with perfectionism. If your goals are so flawless they make unicorns jealous, it's time to show your real, imperfect self some love.

Ignoring 'Me' Time:

If you're treating yourself like the supporting character in your own life story, self sabotage might be directing. It's time for a plot twist – put yourself in the lead role, babe!

In a nutshell self sabotage might be the party crasher, but you're the hostess with the mostess. Rewrite the script, toss out the drama, and let your story be all about you living your best life. Because, girl, you're the leading lady, and this party is all about you shining like the star you are! 🌟💋

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